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Saffron, celebrated as the "king of spices," transcends its culinary role to a realm of...
Saffron aqueous or alcoholic extracts exhibit a wide range of activities, including anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. 
Saffron, derived from the crocus sativus Linné flower, is a revered spice with origins ...

The Science Behind Saffron Coffee for Weight Loss:

  • Appetite Control: Saffron's natural compounds help curb cravings, reducing unnecessary snacking.
  • Metabolism Boost: Coffee's caffeine kick starts your metabolism, burning calories more efficiently.
  • Balanced Blood Sugar: Saffron can help regulate blood sugar levels, reducing sugar cravings.

One key benefit of saffron is its ability to suppress appetite. Saffron contains bioactive compounds like crocin and safranal, which can reduce the frequency of snacking and the overall consumption of calories. Saffron is also known to boost metabolism, which is crucial for effective calorie burning. Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, saffron can amplify the results of your weight loss efforts.

Got Questions? Let's Answer Them

Is this for me?

If you struggle with brain fog, lack of energy, or get sick often then it's a big YES from us. Even if you feel good but want to feel great every day then this will help take it to the next level.

How do I use this?

Simply mix ½ teaspoon with your preferred method be it water, milk, coffee, tea, smoothies, or even into your cooking. Our preferred method is taking half a teaspoon mixed with frothy nut milk, and if were feeling a bit naughty, a dash of honey.

What does it taste like?

Similar to coffee with a rich earthy goodness. Some days we add it to coffee without the negative side effects of coffee, but most days we have it pure with hot nut milk to get the day started.

Can I take it more if I want, and how long till it starts working?

Yes you can, the average serving size being ½ teaspoon is for an average sized individual. We treat it like coffee and might have it more than once a day. Typically 30 days of taking our Elixir daily will allow you to notice a big difference mentally and physically. A lot of our customers feel a difference even just days after daily use.

I can't have caffeine so can I take this if pregnant, nursing, or give it to my kids?

There is no caffeine at all, our functional mushrooms will help you keep focused without the negative side effects of caffeine. Our elixir only contains mushrooms and nothing else.

We're not doctors and we don't pretend to be. Consult your physician before making any changes to your diet during pregnancy, nursing, or to your kids diets.